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We at Los Angeles Theatrical Release Competition and Awards would like to thank all of the wonderful entries that we had this year! Our grand prize winners will receive a 7-day theatrical release and are noted under Main Prize Winners at the top of this list, and also in bold reiterated - so that there is no confusion!

Categorically, this has been a very tough decision as we had so many talented individuals and projects to choose from. Thank you again, and we are already in touch with the theatrical release winners to schedule the screenings. 

Our 2019 Season is already open for entries, so keep coming back and keep filming!

Main Prize Winners - To Screen Theatrically in October:

Best Overall Feature Film Across All Categories:   Chrononaut (UK)

Best Overall Short Film Across All Categories: #NeverAgain (France)

Best Overall Trailer Across All Categories: #NeverAgain (France)

All Other Awards by Category:

Best International Narrative Feature: Chrononaut (UK)

Best International Documentary Feature: Behind the Cove (Japan)

Best U.S. Narrative Feature: Clyde Cooper

Best U.S. Documentary Feature: Wow Signal

Best Director Feature Film: Behind the Cove (Japan)

Best Editor Feature Film: Behind the Cove (Japan)

Best Soundtrack Feature Film: The Astronot (USA)

Best Actor Feature Film: Clyde Cooper

Best Actress Feature Film: One, Two, Guess Who's Who (Italy)

Best U.S. Short Film: Andromeda

Best International Short Film: Addict (Israel)

Best Horror Short Film: The Eve 

Best Documentary Short Film: #NeverAgain (France)

Best Science Fiction Short Film: Biomass

Best Director Short Film: Andromeda

Best Cinematography Short Film: #NeverAgain (France)

Best Editor Short Film: New York 2150

Best Musical Score Short Film: The Eve

Best Visual Effects Short Film: New York 2150

Best Actress Short Film: Andromeda

Runner-Up for Best Actress (honorable mention): Getting Over

Best Actor Short Film: Andromeda

Best International Trailer: Patria (Dominican Republic)

Best U.S. Trailer: The Astronot

Best Trailer Documentary: #NeverAgain (France)

Best Faith-Based Trailer: Paid in Full (Australia)

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